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I feel like I still see him: he stands there on the doorstep, surrounded by the suitcases and holding an old bottle of rum in in his hand.
He said: “I’ve stolen it from a very bad pirate! It has been hard, but I’ve done it!”
And I smiled, although in my heart I felt the disappointment at coming up empty-handed once again.
“Boy, don’t worry, one day this bottle will be yours” he added in a last attempt to comfort me.
He was my father. He didn’t assault galleons, he didn’t even fight pirates and search their chests, he was just chief engineer on oil tankers and he knew the ports all over the world.
He was the first one who passed down to me the love for Rum and vintage.
The years went by and when I was little older than a boy, I started cultivating a strong interest in wine, which increased in the twenty years I spent working as a sommelier and a purchasing manager in the luxury hotel industry.
Right in the middle of this experience, my father-in-law, a well-known retired journalist, showed me his valuable Whisky collection: each bottle stood for one of his journeys and kept a meaning, a glimpse, a view, a memory.
And it’s both for them and for me that I decided to set up an e- commerce for all Rum, Wine and Whisky lovers all over the world.
My name is Paolo and … welcome to

My old